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How are couriers turning green?

It is the duty of every citizen of the world to contribute to a greener tomorrow. Whatever is possible to reduce the carbon footprint such as switching from high energy consuming appliances to energy efficient ones, relying more on organic materials than using those that undergo extensive manufacturing or processing and recycling used materials would go a long way in reducing global warming. Climate change is real and it should be contained before it becomes more worrisome. Like all citizens of the world, the industries also need to do their bit. The global shipping industry and every company operating in the space need to chip in as well.

Courier companies have started doing their bit to reduce the carbon footprint. Here are just a few ways they are turning green.

  • When you use an international courier service to send a parcel abroad, maybe you need to send parcel to Spain, many branded couriers are now using electric cars or vans and lpg fuels to reduce their carbon footprint. Some have even gone back to using bicycles to do the last mile deliveries.
  • Extensive use of paper has been done away with and digitization certainly has a huge role to play in it. State of the art software solutions, scanners and tags have made it possible to do away with the paper trails which cause an irreparable ecological dent. This has also facilitated cheap international shipping as the investment in digital solutions or technological infrastructure may be substantial at the outset but pays off and turns out cheaper than analog solutions in the long run.
  • Courier companies have started using recyclable material for packaging and in various other departments. The packages that are used can be recycled and used for a long time before they have to be junked. Even the dumping has become relatively more eco friendly with organic and biodegradable materials being used extensively in myriad ways. Cheap packaging options are still not biodegradable and organic materials are more expensive but any change of preference and modus operandi in this regard is welcome.
  • Many couriers are looking for efficiencies from new technologies such as drones, which could o change the scenario significantly as they would use less power and can be operated using batteries. Making them a much greener option than cars or trucks.
  • Couriers are now offering to text clients prior to deliveries to ensure that they are in when they are making a delivery. This gives the receiver the option to reschedule the delivery or advise where it should be left. This reducing the amount of failed deliveries that need to be redone, lowering the mileage done of courier firms.

All couriers are investing in ways to lower their carbon footprint going forward and listed above are just some of the ways they are currently achieving this.

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Basic Things You Need to Know About Spark Plugs

You have probably heard a lot about spark plugs especially when having your car tuned up. Spark plugs are so vital to your car that without it, your vehicle wouldn’t start, rendering it useless. However, many car owners do not completely understand what they are. In this article, we would share some basic things about spark plugs that you should know.

What are Spark Plugs?


Spark plugs are electrical devices attached to every cylinder head of internal combustion engines. Each is made up of metal, electrodes, ribs, seals, insulators, and a terminal. These parts all work together to use high voltage electricity in creating the spark needed to start the car.


The Roles of Spark Plugs


Spark plugs have two primary functions. The first one is what most people know – its role in ignition. Basically, when you start your car, high voltage electricity is supplied to the spark plug and transmitted to its firing end, creating a small bolt of lightning or spark. When the timing is right, that spark ignites the fuel and air mixture inside the combustion chamber. This would allow the car to power up and smoothly burn the compressed fuel-air mixture.


Aside from starting up your car, spark plugs also act as heat exchangers. The plug’s firing end needs to maintain a certain temperature range to prevent pre-ignition or fouling. Spark plugs dissipate thermal energy by transferring the unwanted heat from the combustion chamber to the car’s cooling system.


Kinds of Spark Plugs


There are four common kinds of spark plugs that you might encounter. Each type differs in terms of the material it is made of. There are copper spark plugs, single platinum spark plugs, double platinum spark plugs, and the iridium spark plugs, which are believed to be the best type out there. Generally, the better the metal, the longer the spark plug would last. However, not because it is the best type means it’s the best for your car. Certain kinds may or may not work well with your engine, depending on your car’s ignition system. To be sure, check your owner’s manual for the recommended type of spark plug and possible alternatives.


Wear and Tear


Most spark plugs can last for thousands of miles, depending on the material they are made of. Throughout its lifespan, a plug endures extreme temperatures and abuse every time you start the car. As it grows old, deposits from the fuel-air ignition would build up and the gap that provides the right amount of combustion becomes too far apart. If you don’t replace worn out spark plugs with new ones, the car’s engine will misfire, making it difficult for you to start your car. The car’s performance and efficiency will also be negatively affected.


Once you start having problems starting your car, or your vehicle doesn’t run as smoothly as before, bring it to your trusted mechanic and have the spark plug checked and replaced if necessary.


Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.


Which one is better: BMW X5 vs. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla and BMW X5 are two very popular vehicles in the market so the choice people make is frequently very tiring and tough. This article aimed to give benefits of each vehicle type in a comparative analysis to help you decide which ones are more important for you, and so purchase the right car.

Comparative Analysis

Benefits of BMW X5

In terms engine and transmission quality BMW X5 has more cylinders and the number is 6 opposite to 4 in Toyota Corolla. As experts from Kijiji explain BMW X5 by having two more cylinders will have less vibration and much smoother operation of the vehicle in general. BMW also has greater compression: 17.0 vs. 16 in Toyota Corolla. The explanation for this part is relevant for fuel consumption. This number means that Toyota will need more fuel to produce the same power. The engine power in this respect is also better in BMW X5 which results in higher speeds and faster acceleration.

Experts also claim that BMW vehicles also have more fuel capacity if compare to other cars in this range; if compared to Toyota Corolla particularly, it will be 85 liters vs. 55 liters, so the tank of BMW X5 is 35% larger than of the opponent.

In terms of weight BMWs also win, because they have more maximum allowable weight (2790 kg vs. 2140 kg) with no doubt, if you do not plan to use these cars as lorries, it should not bother you much. The maximum bearing capacity has only 35 kg difference between these vehicle with more for BMW X5.

The great advantage of BMWs in general is warranty of these cars, because most frequently it is calculated by the time, which is around three years regardless of the mileage you gain over this time.

Main Reasons why Toyota Corolla is Better

The technical part of Toyota Corolla has better characteristics. For example, engine and transmission indicators are as follows: piston diameter is larger in Toyota Corolla than in BMW X5 (it is 86 mm vs. 84 mm). It means that Toyotas have larger diameter of cylinder and so the greater filling ratio. The piston stroke is also longer which results in lower fuel consumption and significantly fewer emissions that are 32% less than in BMW X5.

Some other specs of Toyota Corolla include less weight (1495 kg vs. 2110 kg); it means that Corolla is 41% lighter than X5. As a result of this you get better fuel consumption, braking distance, acceleration dynamic, etc.

One thing that customers mostly appreciate about Toyota Corolla is the number of seats, which is 7 vs. 5, because it means more ‘load capacity’ of the vehicle and more comfortable long trips with friends and family. This also influences on the cost of the trips which should never be underestimated when the car is purchased.

We hope, that this little review and comparison of these vehicles and their characteristics will make your choice of a car easier!

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